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HivePro Uni5
Threat Exposure Management Platform

HivePro Uni5 enables you to contextualize, prioritize and resolve all threats against your assets all through one platform continuously. 

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The HiveForce Lab

The HiveForce Lab curates keep you up-to-date on how to address your most pressing attacks, vulnerabilities and threats on a weekly basis.

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Webinar - CTEM: Building an Effective Threat Management Program!
Patch available for pre-announced Critical Vulnerability in OpenSSL
Actors, Threats and Vulnerabilities 21 – 27 November 2022
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Platform Overview

How HivePro Uni5 Works

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Change the way you consume Cyber Security

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Near-Zero Time to Value

Intuitive onboarding experience to complete deployment and get results within hours

Seamless Integration

Rest API available for seamless integration with third party technologies
CVE to MITRE mapping

Pre-Empting Attack Surface

Using vulnerability as a pivot we perform pre-breach analysis specific to your environment using ML models

Threat Actor Mapping

Attribute vulnerabilities to threat actors in minutes to neutralize threats
Patch Intelligence

Patch Intelligence

Broad spectrum of patch intelligence covering 70,000+ CVEs with information on more than 100,000 patches

Actionable Threat Advisories

Take actions based on threat advisories in less than 2 hours

Threat Advisories

Threat advisories provide timely and actionable information about security threats, vulnerabilities and exploits.

Latest Threat Advisories
  • Do you know about an emerging new infostealer malware named DockLogs
    Threat Level Attack Report For a detailed threat advisory, download the pdf file here Summary DuckLogs is a new info-stealing malware variant, which is sold as Malware-as-a-Service (MaaS) product. It captures and exfiltrates data from infected PCs such as credentials, cookies, crypto wallets, browser data, and others. It also has several other features, such as the ability to record keystrokes, execute arbitrary files, block user input devices, and power manage the infected system.

HiveForce Lab

HiveForce Lab research team continuously powers Hive Pro platform with vulnerability and threat intelligence feeds:

Threat Advisories

Most Comprehensive Weekly/Monthly Threat Advisories digest

300+ Threat Advisories
Attack Scenarios

New Attack Scenarios every week

2100+ Attack Scenarios
Patch Intelligence

Curate new patch Intelligence every week

115,000+ Patch Intelligence
Threat Actors

Continuous Monitoring of Threat Actors and their behavior

200+ Threat
CVE Database

Vulnerability Intelligence Database

85,000+ CVE Database
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What People Say About Us


“We selected HivePro Uni5 after a thorough evaluation of four prioritization solutions. It is the only platform that not only provided Vulnerability Prioritization but also helped with the patch orchestration for immediate remediation.”

Information Security Manager

Telecommunication provider with offices in 10 countries

“HivePro Uni5 helps us optimize our Vulnerability Management program by stitching together the siloed processes. We find their dashboards very intuitive with end-to-end visibility on all five stages of Vulnerability Lifecycle Management.”


Large Oil & Gas company in Middle East

“We are finally able to focus on vulnerabilities that matter, respond to them faster and eliminate noise.”

Information Security Officer

Public Sector Organization

“HivePro Uni5 is unique with its Actionable Advisories and their built-in BAS solution as it takes into account compensatory controls.”

Sr. Cyber Analyst

Banking & Finance
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