Hive Pro neutralize critical cyber security vulnerabilities that matter to your business through a single console. It improve your operational efficiency and provide you with tailored and actionable data to harden your systems.

Focusing on the right data

At Hive Pro we take a long hard look at your vulnerabilities so you can bolster your defenses and fine-tune your offensive cybersecurity tactics. In this ever-changing business environment, you can have one less thing to worry about as we enable you to counter all threats and set up a command control center so you can monitor and mitigate any danger from one central location. All you need is a focus point to begin with, and we provide that, ensuring it’s tailored to your organization.

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A single console to manage the complete Vulnerability Life Cycle

Working in the security industry for many years, we understand that companies need to have both a strong offensive and defensive security strategy. One without the other is a tactic that will never survive in the long-term. Our unified system pinpoints potential external threats while securing and reinforcing internal defenses. It is high time that organizations rethink outdated cybersecurity concepts that no longer protect them. We have to move beyond pure prevention towards the IAACR paradigm: Identify – Assess – Analyze – Communicate – Remediate. This is at the heart of HivePro Uni5.

Our promise is a vulnerability prioritization and orchestration platform that eliminates time delays, inefficiencies, and incoming threats by simplifying your control center. But we go one step further. Using predictive analytics, intelligent insight, threat forecasting, and remediation you can actively engage with potential issues before they become a problem. The result is an integrated tool where you can observe everything with heightened visibility from one easy-to-manage centralized location.

Vulnerability life cycle

Change the way you consume Cyber Security


Near-Zero Time to Value

Intuitive onboarding experience to complete deployment and get results within hours

Seamless Integration

Rest API available for seamless integration with third party technologies
CVE to MITRE mapping

CVE to MITRE mapping

Out-of-the-box CVE to MITRE mapping for Impact Visualization and Breach Exposure reduction

Threat Actor Mapping

Attribute vulnerabilities to threat actors in minutes to neutralize threats
Patch Intelligence

Patch Intelligence

Broad Spectrum of Patch Intelligence covering 70,000+ CVEs with information on more than 100,000 patches

Actionable Threat Advisories

Take actions based on Threat Advisories in less than 2 hours


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