ArtemisPro Integrations

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ArtemisPro offers comprehensive coverage of cybersecurity tools for your environment, continually adding new integrations. Our integrations follow an approach aligned with security best practices.

Additionally, ArtemisPro provides a 'bring your integration' option through the use of our APIs, enabling swift onboarding of new integrations.

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See how ArtemisPro Evolves Your Security Assessment Processes

A demo of ArtemisPro will show you:

  1. Immediate data ingestion from all historical security assessments and processes
  2. Initiate new assessments and continue ongoing assessments to completion
  3. Automated asset health scores to help scope future assessments
  4. Automated asset prioritization correlated to business-risks
  5. Built-in cross-functional collaboration and end-to-end process management
  6. Customizable risk-reporting for technical leaders and business leaders