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Analytics Driven Security Assessment & Penetration Testing Platform

ArtemisPro is an analytics driven security assessment and penetration testing collaboration platform to assess current security status of your organization by identifying vulnerabilities and helping in remediation.

ArtemisPro helps in harmonizing the separate units of your security endeavors from automated vulnerability assessment, manual penetration testing to external penetration testing. ArtemisPro provides you with a Single Pane Analytics for continuous visibility. This means that all security decisions are made with a unified strategy for long-term threat resistance. Operating from one command post gives your business a 360-degree view of all pentest projects, allows seamless collaboration and automated workflows with data-driven insights into pentest results.


Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing Is Broken

Vulnerability assessments and penetration tests require significant time and resources, and the IT landscape is constantly evolving, making it challenging to keep up with new vulnerabilities. These tests can also be complex and require technical expertise, and there are legal and ethical considerations involved in conducting them. False positives can also be a problem, leading to unnecessary remediation efforts and wasted resources. Finally, these tests often have a limited scope, which can leave organizations vulnerable to attacks outside the scope of the assessment.

ArtemisPro is a pentest lifecycle management platform that uses a combination of data, talent and technology to provide customers with specialized pentesting on Saas and on-premise platforms. Customers can initiate assessments, track and eventually remediate vulnerabilities at a centralized location while leveraging a global talent pool of proven pentesters.

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Why are Pentesting Tools Inadequate?

A fragmented approach to security assessment and penetration testing exercises refers to using multiple tools, techniques, and processes to test the security of systems, rather than using a unified and cohesive approach. This can lead to inefficiencies, inconsistent results, limited visibility, and difficulty prioritizing remediation efforts.

No visibility across an organization’s assets and current security posture refers to a lack of understanding or knowledge about the security status of all the assets within an organization, which can make it difficult to identify vulnerabilities and prioritize remediation efforts.

Challenges in tracking and collaboration with multiple stakeholders refer to difficulties in coordinating and collaborating with different parties, including IT staff, security professionals, and other stakeholders, to effectively track and address security vulnerabilities and risks. This can be especially challenging when different stakeholders have different priorities and goals, and can lead to delays and inefficiencies in the security assessment and remediation process.

Non-uniform reporting across multiple security assessments refers to a situation where different security assessments produce reports that are not consistent or standardized, making it difficult to compare and analyze the results. This can be a problem because it can make it difficult to get a comprehensive view of an organization’s security posture, and can also make it challenging to identify and prioritize the most critical vulnerabilities.

How Does ArtemisPro Solve Those Issues?

ArtemisPro platform provides active visibility of assets and ongoing projects/assessments for all stakeholders. It also allows for the automation of VAPT tasks across all assets from a single console, and includes built-in collaboration tools for seamless communication between security assessment teams and users.

Analyzing past reports with analytics can provide insights into the current security posture. By making all reports easily accessible and centralized, it is easier to use this data for analysis. This analysis can include combining current and historical data to identify potential connections between new incidents and those that have occurred in the past.

A single console enables the assessment and remediation of vulnerabilities in real time, using analytics and automated workflows for projects and findings. This streamlined approach allows for the creation of reports in hours rather than days, making it a convenient solution for both pre-existing security assessments and complete security overhauls. Everything is conveniently organized on an easy-to-use dashboard.

Big data analytics helps improve detection, a key part of the Prevent-Detect-Respond-Predict approach. It involves analyzing changing usage patterns, quickly executing complex analysis, and correlating data from various sources. ArtemisPro platform centralizes reports from pentest providers, making it easier to use them for analysis and identify potential connections between new incidents and those from the past.

ArtemisPro – Security Assessment & Penetration Testing Platform

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Platform Overview

Change the Way You Consume Cyber Security

Devsec opts

DevSecOps Management

Keep your security posture in place with fully automated SAST and DAST DevSecOps process.
penetration orchestration

Pentesting Orchestration

Assessment to remediation of vulnerabilities through a single console.
360 degree view

360-Degree Analytics View

Insights to past reports with analytics to evaluate current security posture.
collboration platform

Collaboration Platform

Active state of visibility of Assets and ongoing projects/assessments across all stakeholders.
automated reporting

Automated Reporting

Automated reporting from ArtemisPro can improve accuracy, timeliness, and consistency of pentest results, helping to enhance cybersecurity posture and reduce risk of cyber attacks.

Bi-Directional Integration

With built-in API config with Automated Vulnerability Assessment solutions such as Nessus, users can initiate scans using Artemis, and easily import the findings.
multi tenancy


Multi-tenancy makes ArtemisPro more practical by enabling the platform to offer the same resources to any number of users by creating isolated workspaces.
cloud on prem and hybrid

Cloud, On Prem & Hybrid

Our Cloud, on-premises, and hybrid pentest platform can provide flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness for organizations.


Automated Tools Integration

With built-in API config with Automated Vulnerability Assessment solutions such as Nessus, users can initiate scans using Artemis, and easily import the findings.

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