Use Case – Automating Cybersecurity Deployment in the Oil & Gas Industry


Use Case – Automating Cybersecurity Deployment in the Oil & Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry heavily depends on Operational Technology for managing the industrial process. However, industrial systems are highly exposed to the risk and danger of cyber-attacks which makes cybersecurity solutions as a vital requirement for the Oil & Gas sector. The flawless delivery of oil and gas requires the highest security and compliance standards, and this relies not only on IT automation but also on maintaining the security posture of the environment.

Furthermore, supportive government policies & schemes across the globe are expected to recover the market growth. Shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals and high cost of cybersecurity solutions can further restrict the market growth since many organizations face budget constraints considering the current pandemic situation due to COVID 19.


Faced with the rigorous compliance requirements and multiple geographical locations, organisations require an effective, affordable way to manage the deployment of cybersecurity solutions.

Solution requirements include:

  • Ease of Use – This is essential due to limited IT resources to handle an overly complicated solution.
  • Scalability – Organisations with multiple geographical footprints have a limited number of certified resources and are still expected to meet short deadlines.
  • Actionable Results – Organisations require only necessary and actionable information to avoid burn-out of the IT team in trying to find a needle in a haystack as they manage the multisite deployment.
  • Cost Effective – Optimize spend with short value realization timeline from deployment to justify return-on-investment.


Intelligent coded Digital Workforce for deploying the solution while maintaining industry standard best practices. Automated security configurations and deployment supporting On-Cloud, On-premise, Air Gap Infrastructure.

Key features of Digital deployment include:

  • Distributed model deployment with multiple site instances
  • Easily consumable web-forms for installation and configuration of the solution
  • Detailed logging and analytical insights on deployment


With faster time to deploy the solution, organisations can justify the investment to the stakeholders and gain several benefits of using automated deployment such as:

  • Resource Optimization – Reduce 90% of certified resource utilization
  • Accurate Deployment – 100 % error free and logged deployment for regulatory compliance and audit.
  • Cost Saving – Save 70% of employee cost and instantly increase profitability.

Author: Gagandeep Singh

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