Challenges We Solve

Challenges we solve

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Industry challenge

The problem with Existing Frameworks in Cybersecurity is that everything is Disjointed

You have dozens of reports and tests: internal, external, manual, automatic and while a company waits (80 days on average) for a patch it remains a sitting duck for a security breach. We aim to put you back in control. Using one dashboard you can run every report and make decisions based on live data.

Our promise is a vulnerability management system that eliminates time-delays, inefficiencies, and incoming threats by simplifying your control center. But we go one step further. Using predictive analytics, intelligent insight, threat forecasting and remediation you can actively engage with potential issues before they become a problem. The result is an integrated platform where you can observe everything with heightened visibility from one easy-to-manage centralized location.


Current Vulnerability Management tools are Inadequate
Isolated Solutions
In many security systems the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. There are siloed systems working independently, such as Asset Management, Vulnerability Management, Patch management and Incident Management.
Collaboration Issues
Enterprises are required to perform penetration testing regularly to uncover weak spots and bolster their defences before the bad-guy finds them. Separate teams work on performing Automated, Manual and External Vulnerability Assessments. This results in a lack of effective collaboration between them.
Ineffective System
Traditional Vulnerability Assessment solutions are limited to identifying vulnerabilities only, leaving the user to decide what action is to be taken on them. Unfortunately, due to the volume of vulnerabilities, this decision is hard to make without expert guidance.
Cyber security is a daunting responsibility for an in-house team. Internal security resources are constrained with ongoing pressures to reduce costs, improve productivity and to ultimately do more with less. This gets further complicated by inefficiencies due to manual workflows, poor collaboration and multiple dashboards.
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Multiple Solutions

  • Asset Management
  • Patch Management
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Incident Management


Scattered Approach

  • Manual Penetration Testing
  • Automated Vulnerability Assessment (VA)
  • External VA



  • Manual Workflow
  • Inefficient Collaboration
  • Multiple standalone Dashboards


Traditional VA Solutions

  • Limited to only identification of

Our Products

Red Team and Blue Team tools for the best outcome

HivePro Uni5

Predictive Vulnerability Analytics
  • Autonomous Security Analyst
  • Contextual Risk Scoring
  • Customer Centric View of Threat Landscape
  • Near Zero Time to Value
  • Automated Vulnerability Remediation


Pentesting Collaboration
  • Data Driven Fusion Platform
  • Single console for Automated, External and Internal Penetration Testing
  • Security Maturity Model for Penetration Testing
  • On-Prem, Private Cloud, SaaS based
  • Vulnerability Disclosure program
  • Centralised Issue Tracking
  • Multiple Personas /workspaces and Customizable Dashboards
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