HivePro Uni5

HivePro Uni5

Continuous Threat Exposure Management Solution that Proactively Reduce an Organization’s Attack Surface Before It Gets Exploited.

Vulnerability Management in the last decade has seen significant innovation to solve the problem of vulnerability fatigue. Today, customers consume multiple siloed risk ratings of vulnerabilities via various tools like vulnerability management, vulnerability prioritization, breach and attack simulation and pen testing. Customers struggle to find one single console which represents the actual risk.

And that is precisely the problem that HivePro Uni5 solves, by providing a unified view of the true risk of all vulnerabilities and helping fix it. Our platform uses a combination of asset criticality, external threat context, internal compensatory control, and patch intelligence to give customers a unique view of the actual threat that a vulnerability presents.

HivePro Uni5 Architecture

How Customers use HivePro Uni5


New Vulnerability Is Released & Vulnerability Fatigue

HivePro Uni5 provides

  • Single pane view of
    – Assets affected
    – Map actors
    – Attackers exploiting
    – Patch intelligence
    – Vulnerabilities found in the past
    – Weaponization status
    – Wormability
    – Exploitability
  • Assign asset criticality & risk score
  • Check efficacy of compensatory control with built-in BAS
  • Contextualized to customer business based on assets,
    vulnerabilities and threat

New Threat Advisory Is Released

HivePro Uni5 provides

  • Single pane view of:
    – Threat exposure
    –  Number of assets affected
    –  Which vulnerability attack is exploiting
    –  Context of geography and vertical
  • Click threat advisory for intuitive action
  • On the console, option to initiate patching or a ticket directly
New threat advisory is released
Pre-breach analysis

Actionable Intelligence – Pre-Breach Analysis

HivePro Uni5 provides

  • Pre-breach analysis for the organization after understanding your internal environment by deploying the ML model.

Vulnerability Life Cycle Visibility & Analytics

HivePro Uni5 provides

  • Single console to identify and onboard assets
  • Prioritize threats on vulnerabilities
  • Create, track and close service tickets
  • Orchestrate remediation
Vulnerability life cycle

Change the way you Consume Cybersecurity

Contexualized VPT

Contextualized VPT

Using external context of asset criticality, threat, actors and exploits, Uni5 gives prioritization of threat by the vulnerability.
Contexualized VPT copy 4

Asset Criticality Classification

HivePro Uni5 aAutomatically segregation categorizes of assets into various groups, based on their nature and criticality.
vulnerability life cycle (2)

Vulnerability Life Cycle

Using our patent- pending framework to help customer you manage service levels of identifying prioritizing tracking and eventual remediation of vulnerabilities.
Contexualized VPT copy 3

Patch Intelligence & Remediation

Patch intelligence helps customers better understand better which patches exists and how they can go about patching systems, which is done through automated remediation orchestration.
actionable intelligence

Actionable Intelligence

HivePro Uni5 gives actionable advisories on threats, actors and attacks, which allows customers to understand their risk exposure on assets and impact and help remediate it through a single screen.
Contexualized VPT copy 5

BAS for Compensatory Control

HivePro Uni5 takes into consideration the efficacy of compensatory control to increase or reduce the risk of vulnerabilities based on their ability to protect or let the attack go through.


Readily Integrates with your Existing Tools

As an orchestration platform, HivePro Uni5 integrates with third party technology solutions in Asset Management, Vulnerability Management, Incident Management, Change Management, Patch Management and Configuration Management to automate the task on each of these solutions within the vulnerability lifecycle management process.


What People say about us


“We selected HivePro Uni5 after a thorough evaluation of four prioritization solutions. It is the only platform that not only provided Vulnerability Prioritization but also helped with the patch orchestration for immediate remediation.”

Information Security Manager

Telecommunication provider with offices in 10 countries

“HivePro Uni5 helps us optimize our Vulnerability Management program by stitching together the siloed processes. We find their dashboards very intuitive with end-to-end visibility on all five stages of Vulnerability Lifecycle Management.”


Large Oil & Gas company in Middle East

“We are finally able to focus on vulnerabilities that matter, respond to them faster and eliminate noise.”

Information Security Officer

Public Sector Organization

“HivePro Uni5 is unique with its Actionable Advisories and their built-in BAS solution as it takes into account compensatory controls.”

Sr. Cyber Analyst

Banking & Finance

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