HivePro Uni5

HivePro Uni5

HivePro Uni5 provides Vulnerability Intelligence to proactively reduce your organization’s attack surface before it gets exploited.

Digital Transformation has become a common way for organizations to not only increase business agility, but also adapt quickly to market changes and business priorities. As organizations transform their enterprises, cybersecurity professionals are facing a sudden expansion of their attack surface. We all know vulnerabilities have plagued operating systems and software applications since the earliest days of computing. 52% of security breaches are caused due to known vulnerabilities being exploited.

The use of vulnerability scanners to detect unpatched software is no longer sufficient. Security teams covering vulnerability management are overwhelmed with the volume of vulnerabilities to remediate. Research suggests that on average 12% of all detected vulnerabilities require immediate action. The shift to contextual view is important! To keep devices, networks, and digital assets safe, we need to adopt a far more comprehensive strategy that leverages threat intelligence, threat actor landscape, vertical and geolocation to assign a tailored risk score to identified vulnerabilities.

HivePro Uni5 Vulnerability Prioritization

HivePro Uni5 uses 4 different buckets for risk scoring. We advise organizations to focus on their P1 vulnerabilities, which affect their most critical assets and should be patched now. Moving forward, we target the moderate threats on the most critical assets and organize them as P2 vulnerabilities. Last but not least, we have the important assets, where 2 more buckets are created based on the threat level, P3 and P4. HivePro Uni5 is the only Vulnerability Prioritization Technology that contextualizes risk by actually checking the efficacy of an organization’s compensatory controls. Also, the actionable intelligence provided by the solution rapidly facilitates vulnerability remediation planning.

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IAACR Framework

Single Console to manage the complete Vulnerability Life Cycle
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HivePro Uni5 initially identifies all assets in the network from sources such as asset management tools, vulnerability scanners, patch management solutions, and others. It assesses the security posture of the organization through vulnerability scans and configuration audits. Moreover, it analyzes the above findings, applying predictive and prescriptive analytics to the data ingested to determine potential threats and attacks. The solution enables the communication of the findings to the relevant stakeholders so that the remediation process may begin, via an internal ticketing system, as well as out of the box bidirectional integrations with ITSM solutions. Last but not least, it orchestrates patch and configuration management to fix the weakest points of an organization, taking into account the remediation priority.

HivePro Uni5 measurable ROI

2x Increase in Operational Efficiency

by providing Real Time visibility & Reduction of Vulnerability and Threat Dwell Time as the entire lifecycle is managed through a single console

Substitute the need for a Dedicated Cyber Security Asset Management software

by providing asset criticality, grouping and tagging while enumerating both rogue and unscanned assets

Change the way you consume Cybersecurity


Near-Zero Time to Value

Intuitive onboarding experience to complete deployment and get results within hours
CVE to MITRE mapping

CVE to MITRE mapping

Out-of-the-box CVE to MITRE mapping for Impact Visualization and Breach Exposure reduction
Actionable Threat Advisories

Actionable Threat Advisories

Take actions based on Threat Advisories in less than 2 hours
Patch Intelligence

Patch Intelligence

Broad Spectrum of Patch Intelligence covering 70,000+ CVEs with information on more than 100,000 patches


Readily Integrates with your Existing Tools

As an orchestration platform, HivePro Uni5 integrates with third party technology solutions in Asset Management, Vulnerability Management, Incident Management, Change Management, Patch Management and Configuration Management to automate the task on each of these solutions within the vulnerability lifecycle management process.

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