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HivePro Uni5
Threat Exposure Management Platform

HivePro Uni5 enables you to contextualize, prioritize and resolve all threats against your assets through one platform continuously. 

Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) program by Gartner proposes a shift from traditional and generic vulnerability management to customized threat exposure management. This shift is meant to take vulnerability management into the future with leading indicators of threat and proper risk valuations against classified, up-to-date asset inventories. The path to better security strategy, communication, and operational efficiency in asset management, vulnerability prioritization, threat exposure, and risk management starts with CTEM.

HivePro Uni5 actions CTEM all-in-one-platform and what results is effective, actionable, and relevant intelligence for your security team, infrastructure team and business stakeholders to further organizational resilience.


Vulnerability Management Is Broken

Vulnerability Management walks backwards into the threat world by focusing on lagging threat indicators. All too often, Security functions conduct un-scoped asset scans that result in countless CSV files with unprioritized remediations while their attack surfaces continue to expand in the present. Security analysts then double their workload and lose time on analysis that can be more focused, streamlined and immediately actionable to stop a threat before it becomes an attack.

HivePro Uni5 solves this analysis paralysis problem by prioritizing vulnerabilities through the most up-to-date threat landscape lens, and by providing users means to immediately remediate all vulnerabilities.

HivePro Uni5 evolves traditional vulnerability management into the new and improved continuous threat exposure management.

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Why are VM Tools Inadequate?

VM tools currently do not focus on business-specific prioritization, leading to long lists of remediations which only increase as the attack surface expands.

VM tools do not focus on risk-based vulnerability management that is tailored specifically to an organization’s business risks and what are classified as the most critical assets.

VM tools do not provide channels to communicate cross-function to help facilitate decision making during the remediate/resolve phases.

Vulnerability Management tools often do not have internally built mechanisms to test and predict the result of exploiting vulnerabilities.

How Does HivePro Uni5 Solve Those Issues?

HivePro Uni5 prioritizes your vulnerabilities by assessing the criticality of your assets, the gravity of your vulnerabilities, and the proximity of your threats. Analysis paralysis is replaced with actionable, customized insights.

HivePro Uni5 contextualizes remediation based on your business-specific risks and compensating controls. Uni5 tailors contextualizes remediation to your organization.

HivePro Uni5 integrates 27+ tools across various cybersecurity markets to paint the full business-risk and remediation story. The HivePro Uni5 platform facilitates communication across all integrated tools.

HivePro Uni5 aggregates, analyzes and visualizes your business-critical asset risks, threats, and vulnerabilities all-in-one platform while providing prioritized courses of remediation. Built-in BAS capability of the platform helps our customers test if a vulnerability can be truly exploited in their environment. HivePro Uni5 is the only platform in the market to offer VM, VPT and BAS fused together to enrich prioritization of security risks to your organization. With HivePro Uni5, gone are the days of multiple consoles and siloed analysis.

HivePro Uni5 – Threat Exposure Management Platform

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Change the Way You Consume Cyber Security

Contexualized VPT

Contextualized VPT

Using external context of asset criticality, threat, actors and exploits, Uni5 gives prioritization of threat by the vulnerability.
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Asset Criticality Classification

HivePro Uni5 Automatically segregates and categorizes assets into various groups, based on their nature and criticality.
vulnerability life cycle (2)

Vulnerability Life Cycle

Using our patent-pending framework to help ycustomers manage service levels of identifying, prioritizing, tracking and eventual remediation of vulnerabilities.
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Patch Intelligence & Remediation

Patch intelligence helps customers better understand better which patches exists and how they can go about patching systems, which is done through automated remediation orchestration.
actionable intelligence

Actionable Intelligence

HivePro Uni5 gives actionable advisories on threats, actors and attacks, which allows customers to understand their risk exposure on assets and impact and help remediate it through a single screen.
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BAS for Compensatory Control

HivePro Uni5 takes into consideration the efficacy of compensatory control to increase or reduce the risk of vulnerabilities based on their ability to protect or let the attack go through.


Readily Integrates with Your Existing Tools

As an orchestration platform, HivePro Uni5 integrates with third party technology solutions in Asset Management, Vulnerability Management, Incident Management, Change Management, Patch Management and Configuration Management to automate the task on each of these solutions within the vulnerability lifecycle management process.

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