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Hive Pro offers comprehensive coverage of cybersecurity tools for your environment, continually adding new integrations. Our integrations follow an approach aligned with security best practices.

Additionally, Hive Pro provides a 'bring your integration' option through the use of our APIs, enabling swift onboarding of new integrations.

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Single Pane View For Complete Threat Exposure Management.

I recently started using the HivePro Uni5 platform for vulnerability prioritization and have been extremely impressed with the results. The system has helped me to significantly reduce the number of vulnerabilities that pose a threat to my organization, and I have been able to focus on the most critical issues first. One of the things I appreciate most about the HivePro Uni5 platform is how it correlates asset criticality with threat intelligence. This allows me to quickly identify and address potential vulnerabilities that could have a significant impact on my organization.
Manager, IT Security and Risk Management
Healthcare and Biotech
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Reduce Your Business Risks With HivePro Uni5's Threat Exposure Management Platform

I recently used HivePro Uni5 for Vulnerability prioritization and the platform helped our organization to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities at a rapid speed and threat context associated with vulnerabilities relevant to my organization, which made it more efficient for me. Threat Intelligence fearture provided within the platform gives valuable information about daily attacks and vulnerabilities being exploited. The support team was also extremely helpful and they were able to seamlessly integrate the software with existing ticketing system, which made the discovery and workflow of vulnerability management very smooth. Overall, I highly recommend HivePro Uni5 for anyone looking for effectively manage vulnerabilities.
Data and Analytics Manager
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  1. Automated asset discovery to improve attack surface visibility
  2. Automated vulnerability identification & business-specific prioritization
  3. Automated AI driven threat prioritization correlated to business-risks
  4. Continuous threat actor tracking and global mapping for attack analysis
  5. In-platform patch management from collaboration to remediation
  6. Customizable risk-reporting for technical leaders and business leaders