Anand Choudha


Anand is an all-out entrepreneur having founded companies such as Spectrami, Altrosmart, AmiseQ and Hive Pro. With over a decade of cybersecurity experience, he continues to launch startups addressing current and future challenges. Possessing a natural transformational leadership style, his forte lies in developing businesses to their maximum potential through clarity of vision and determined execution. Anand is a board member and advisor to several security startups and is recognized as a thought-leader and influencer in the security industry.

Sarfaraz Kazi


As Hive Pro Chief Technology Officer, Kazi brings with him the complete competency of his decade plus experience in various leadership roles within the technical domain. His in-depth knowledge of enterprise infrastructure business aids in strategic decision-making. Diligent and foresighted, his expertise in business management, technology and customer business drivers accelerates the firm’s growth and meets the desired business objectives. Technically proficient and analytically strong, Kazi is CTO of Spectrami and has headed a systems integration firm across three countries in Southern Africa, prior to joining Spectrami.

Neeti Rodrigues


Neeti is a business leader with over twenty years’ experience in General Management, Sales, Marketing and Engineering. She is a seasoned technology veteran with experience in both startups and major public enterprises. Previously she held senior leadership roles at Micro Focus, TippingPoint Technologies (3Com), Hewlett Packard (HP) and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). She has a passion for building successful organizations ground up with a focus on creating an exceptional culture which leads to dynamic business growth. Her advice is strive for excellence, stay hungry and learn, and success will automatically follow.

Sapna Tyagi


Sapna is a problem solver, who is passionate about creating simple and meaningful customer experiences, using cutting-edge technology. As the Interim Chief Product Officer at HivePro, Sapna is leveraging her 20 years of experience in building and scaling products and services, to help scale the next generation of products at HivePro. Most recently, Sapna was the VP of Product & Technology at Virtudent, where she started and oversaw product, engineering, data and security functions. Before joining Virtudent, Sapna began her career at Microsoft where she spent a decade as a product and engineering leader, launching successful products in Office and Bing. She then founded P Lab and also spent several years in product leadership roles at Care.com, TripAdvisor and Invaluable, where she managed product for multiple business lines.

Dharmendra Parmar


Dharmendra Parmar is a marketing leader with more than 25 years of IT industry experience. He is a strategic, methodical B2B marketing driver for omni-channel marketing strategies reaching target segments, backed by partner ecosystems and integrated campaigns. He is experienced at formulating go to market strategies that encompass branding, marketing communication, lead generation and partner marketing. As an established marketer he has held various marketing leadership roles and has been ranked amongst the top marketing professionals in the region.