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With infrastructure scale and the number of new vulnerabilities growing exponentially year over year, your customers often need help staying ahead in cyber security. Keep their business secure with the combined power of HivePro Uni5 and Artemis.

Differentiated Solution

Leverage advanced Vulnerability Analytics solutions to drive increased sales opportunities. Enable customers to improve visibility and increase protection against cyber threats targeting their organizations.

Channel-Focused Partnership

With multiple partnership types as well as deal registration, Hive Pro is laser focused on making our channel partners successful.

Bottom-Line Impact

Increase revenue, enjoy healthy profit margins, expand customer relationships, and tap into unique opportunities via the Hive Pro channel partner program.

Tiered Partner Program

Partner with Hive Pro with what suits you best. Each partnership has varying commitments and associated benefits and are designed to maximize collaboration and drive the best business outcomes for both HivePro and its partners.

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Partner with us
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