Simplifying the way Enterprise products are deployed and managed by the customer in complex environments.


Transforming the way Enterprise Applications are deployed, managed and operated in heterogeneous environments to optimize infrastructure maintenance costs.

The newest edition of the enterprise-grade vendor agnostic platform includes the below major components which will bring a Consumer style simple approach of installing and using Applications to the Enterprise world.

  • Enterprise Application Deployment Automation
  • Cloud Management Platform
  • Enterprise Operations Automation
  • Enterprise Application Marketplace

Enterprise Application Deployment Automation (EADA)

Zero Touch Intelligent Automation based deployment using Digital Workforce without a need for certified engineers.

EADA reduces the time to deploy a product from days or months to hours, with minimal or no human intervention.

Enterprise Operation Automation (EOA)

Software with built in AI tools automates complex and repetitive human roles in the organization such as SOC or NOC Analyst. It not only reduces the human dependency  but also improves efficiency of operations by 100 times resulting in better ROI.

Cloud Management Platform (CMP)

A single platform to manage On-Prem IT Infrastructure and Multi Cloud environments.

CMP provides you the speed and agility, the keys to success at the verge of Digital Transformation and Cloudifying IT Infrastructure