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Hive Pro’s Take on Gartner’s Top Cybersecurity Trends 2023


Dive into our FREE whitepaper to understand Hive Pro’s Take on Gartner’s Top Cybersecurity Trends 2023. This resource tackles key issues in cybersecurity such as expanding attack surfaces, reactive security strategies, limited threat visibility, and complex vulnerability management. It also shares Gartner’s recommended solutions, providing you with top-tier strategies to improve your organization’s cyber protection.

Our whitepaper also highlights Gartner’s advice on important areas like Threat Exposure Management (TEM), identity fabric immunity, and cybersecurity validation. It further underlines the value of combining security tools into integrated platforms and promotes the idea of a collaborative security operating model. With an emphasis on a human-first approach in security design, the document encourages a company-wide understanding and involvement in cybersecurity. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to boost your organization’s cyber resilience. Download the whitepaper today, and let’s build a safer digital future together.

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Hive Pro TEM: All-In-One Platform

Hive Pro: Threat Exposure Management (TEM) is an all-in-one, fully-integrated platform that provides wide asset visibility, actionable threat and vulnerability intelligence, security controls testing, patch management, and in-platform, cross-functional collaboration. Close the loop on risk management with auto-generated strategic, operational, and tactical reports through our TEM platform.

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