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Stop Putting Out Fires Its Time to Change Vulnerability Management For the Better


This whitepaper explores modern day Vulnerability Management (VM) practices, the shift to risk-based vulnerability management (RBVM) and related fundamental concepts with the objective to emphasize a critical need for improvement. Outdated VM practices and gaps in RBVM are shown to have dire consequences where the absence of complete asset, threat and vulnerability intelligence can lead to severe repercussions. To improve on outdated VM practices, this whitepaper proposes recommendations for enterprises to manage vulnerability risks more efficiently through dynamic threat exposure changes, business-specific risk outlooks, and evolving budgetary needs. We conclude this whitepaper by outlining the benefits of an evolved RBVM approach, which when combined with enhanced asset visibility and Threat Exposure Management, will yield an enhanced security posture, a reduction in technical debt, and a more resilient enterprise. Download Now to Revolutionize Your Vulnerability Management.

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Hive Pro: Threat Exposure Management (TEM) is an all-in-one, fully-integrated platform that provides wide asset visibility, actionable threat and vulnerability intelligence, security controls testing, patch management, and in-platform, cross-functional collaboration. Close the loop on risk management with auto-generated strategic, operational, and tactical reports through our TEM platform.

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