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Seeing the Full Threat Exposure Picture With Uni5 Xposure


Seeing the Full Threat Exposure Picture With Uni5 Xposure


This whitepaper, titled “Seeing the Full Threat Exposure Picture With Uni5 Xposure,” delves into the essential realm of cybersecurity, focusing on the significance of understanding and adopting the attacker’s viewpoint. It explores the challenges that enterprises face in proactive cyber defense, hindered by asset and risk blind spots, inadequate vulnerability prioritization, and weak cybersecurity controls. The paper emphasizes the necessity for comprehensive threat visibility and proactive threat management. It outlines steps for eliminating blind spots, enhancing risk management, aligning tools to needs, and investing in thorough analysis. Additionally, it introduces Hive Pro’s Uni5 Xposure platform, which embodies a proactive cybersecurity approach, offering innovative features like comprehensive asset discovery, unified security assessments, and end-to-end workflow management to enhance an organization’s cyber resilience.

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