Attacks, Vulnerabilities and Actors 25 to 31 March 2024

Threat Digests

Attacks, Vulnerabilities and Actors 25 to 31 March 2024

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HiveForce Labs recently made several significant discoveries in the realm of cybersecurity threats. In the past week alone, a total of twelve attacks were executed, ten vulnerabilities were uncovered, and two active adversaries were identified. These findings underscore the persistent danger of cyberattacks.

Furthermore, HiveForce Labs uncovered a cybercriminal group APT29, targeting Germany to deploy a new backdoor variant named WINELOADER, marking a broader threat to European and Western political entities.

Meanwhile Google has addressed two zero-day vulnerabilities identified in Chrome, (CVE-2024-2886, CVE-2024-2887). Uncovered in Pwn2Own Vancouver 2024 event, these vulnerabilities empower attackers to achieve arbitrary code execution.

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