Vulnerabilities & Threats that Matter 19 – 25 September

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Vulnerabilities & Threats that Matter 19 – 25 September

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The third week of September 2022 witnessed the discovery of 583 vulnerabilities out of which 6 gained the attention of Threat Actors and security researchers worldwide. Among these 6, there was 2 zero-day. Hive Pro Threat Research Team has curated a list of 6 CVEs that require immediate action.

This week also witnessed the exploitation of two-year-old remote code execution vulnerabilities in Oracle WebLogic Server to deploy Kinsingmalware.

Further, we also observed 1 Threat Actor groups being highly active in the last week. UNC4034 , a North Korean threat actor, popular for financial gain that used a fake job posting to lure victims into downloading a trojanizedversion of PuTTY . Common TTPs which could potentially be exploited by these threat actors or CVEs can be found in the detailed section.