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Why Penetration Testing as a Service


Why Penetration Testing as a Service


Security vulnerabilities are a reality faced by the digital world at an increasing fast pace. Given this reality, penetration testing has become a critical method for protecting systems and applications from security vulnerabilities.

Penetration Testing helps in assessing the security posture and discovers potential threats that could affect Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.

Why do you require Pentest as a Service (PTaaS)?

Penetration Testing as Service is well-suited for organizations of any size. Our platform is very flexible and can adapt everything from a comprehensive testing program to custom requirements for customers whose supervisory requirements pose heavy compliance.The security posture of a company keeps on changing continuously which possibly lines with the upscale in risks. Penetration Testing as a Service involves continuous/periodic cycles of Pentests and effective remediation in time. As a service, vulnerabilities/risks are identified in a periodic manner to keep a check on the security posture of the company.

Major Benefits of Pentest as a Service

The major benefits of Penetration Testing services are

  • Periodic and continuous security testing to keep on top of the security threats.
  • Frequent and regular penetration testing reports.
  • Improvements in the security.
  • Continuous access to real-time risk data.

(Source: blog.businesscasestudies.co.uk)

Author: Umang Chavda

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