Enterprise Application Deployment Automation (Z-Deploy)

Zero Touch Intelligent Automation based deployment using Digital Workforce without a need for certified engineers.

Simplifying the way Enterprise products are deployed and managed.

Hive Pro simplifies the way Enterprise products are deployed and managed by the customer in complex environments. It supports solution deployment in cloud-based, on-prem, and hybrid environments irrespective of the underlying infrastructure and consequently offer series of benefits.

Z-Deploy reduces the time to deploy a product from days or months to hours, with minimal or no human intervention.

This helps the reseller or System Integrators not only accelerate time to market their product and eliminate the need of L1 engineers to implement the product during proof of concept and real setup but also helps increase margins to realise better ROI.

Hive Pro drastically reduces:

  • Blackberry UEM deployment time from 12 days to 2 hour
  • Tenable Security Center deployment time comes down from 3 days to 40 minutes