Enterprise Operation Automation (Z-SOC)

Digitally enabled OPS where repeated and streamlined processes are taken care of by the Digital Workforce.

The Digital Workforce processes the data for more accurate and actionable analysis, enabling human resources to identify blind spots, prioritize and fix the most critical issues first in an IT environment.

Automate your Operational Tasks with

Enterprise Operation Automation (Z-SOC) software with built in AI tools automates operational tasks performed by the human roles within the organization such as SOC or NOC Analyst. It not only reduces the human dependency but also improves efficiency of operations by 100 times resulting in better ROI.

The HIVE PRO Z-SOC Solution:

  • Minimizes the potential for error
  • Increases response capacity
  • Decreases overhead

Scale and manage your workforce without any limitations

Scale up your digital workforce as you scale up your environment and manage the workforce centrally on a single platform, without any limitation.

The Hive Pro platform enables you to compete in the evolving IT industry:

  • Round-the-clock availability of workforce
  • High productivity with no delays
  • Higher efficiency with no errors
  • Increased ROI
  • Increased response capacity
  • Decrease the overhead of your Operation Team and other departments